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Double the Fun | Omaha Newborn Twin Photographer Elkhorn

Introducing Violet and Penelope at 8 days new. I was so honored to do this session because their mom and I have known each other twenty years. As I am typing this, I was surprised it was so long ago we met. We are sorority sisters, but also great friends. We also moved across the country together and had some pretty awesome times that I will never forget.

When I was asked to do her newborn twin session I was so excited. Little did I know I would be photographing four beautiful sisters. Violet and Penelope were great babies to photograph. They were about 5-6 lbs during their session. They loved being next to each other. What a special bond that twins must have. I can’t wait to watch them grow!

Enjoy a bigger than normal sneak peek!

Feeling Safe and Loved

These sisters are going to have so much fun!

Miss P

Miss V


Could they be any cuter?

So at peace

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